The Industry Team

We produce positive results from ever-growing Industrial & manufacturing estates,
The veteran team has established dozens of successful projects in the fields: energy efficiency, control & monitoring, IoT & AI,
Factories establishment, Plant Managing, operation &maintenance, Plastic Processing, engineering, and Business Developments consultants.


Research & Analysis

Our team of experts performs a diagnosis. They present you with realistic goals, a road-map, and an action plan you can count on.


Industry Development

We develop the right solutions for your factory, assimilate those changes to your process, and provide ongoing support based on your needs.


Production Launch

Our experts find ways to increase your profitability and reduce your costs, through field tests, simulations and proof of product.

The Industry Team – Industry 4.0 Association


Who Are We?

We are a unique complementary group of experts in  the industrial world. (Machines, Chemistry, Electrical, Energy, Control, Algorithms, Digitalization, Training and more).

Each of us has a rich track record of accomplishments and extensive experience as a technology leader, operations manager, factory manager etc. Today, most of us are self-employed consultants and experts in their fields in Israel and abroad.

We work with startups (most Israelis, but not only) that provide dedicated solutions on multidisciplinary topics including Cyber, IOT sensors, Sensor and PLCs monitoring, Connectivity units, Visualization & Presentation, Data Analytics, Smart Cities, Energy, Robotics, Digitalization, and more.



The ability to lead a successful business activity, in the field Industry 4.0 / smart industry it requires multi functional collaborations based on business development capability, initiative, entrepreneurship, business relationships, and a dedicated solution basket (“custom suit”) provided as a holistic activity umbrella (one-stop-shop).

Listed below are the range of topics and services we offer together with our partners and startups in the industry.

  1. Smart Industry – Implementing dedicated algorithms and integrating innovative solutions such as automated decision-making tools.
  1. Industry 4.0 – Digitization, integration, and complementary design that will lead to achieving customized solutions in the areas of Smart Industry (Operations, Manufacturing, Maintenance). Including Cyber Protection, AI, Machine Learning, beginning with the mapping and analysis of the existing situation, through the construction of an outline and a roadmap that enables an effective transition to realize, while raising awareness by delivering workshops and lectures on the subject.
  1. Smart Energy – Managing and integrating energy conservation projects, building energy-saving methodologies, energy recovery, green and renewable energy production, measurement, monitoring, cyber protection, and smart grid.
  1. Incorporating a unique statistical algorithm designed to study (Machine Learning) system behavior and alert any abnormal deviation of the controlled system (based on integration and solutions incorporating mechanical management and maintenance capabilities). and more…
  1. Business Development – Strategic Brain Storming evolving new ideas and concepts, making small shifts to acquire more customers or increasing revenues by offering Complementary services. 
  1. Employee and Managers Training


How do we operate?

  1. Initial Diagnosis – Establishing Realistic Goals and Goals for Execution, Priorities
  1. Defining an action plan – Estimating the requested budget, scheduling, optimally integration into the ongoing work system (minimum interruptions/departures)
  1. Formulating the appropriate solution.
  1. Accompanying financing processes as requested and applications for government grants as need.
  1. Accompanying the assimilation process.
  1. Ongoing / Long-Term Accompaniment – Long-term contract with the customer, based on the provision of knowledge and expertise that is not needed continuously or able to employ as part of human resources.
  1. Proof of the final product – and an increase in profitability/cost reduction…


What are we looking for?

(1) Projects 
We are looking for Manufacturers and operation managers who are eager to take their factory to the Next Level.

We are looking for manufacturers who are willing to take small steps in the right direction, and progress in implementing smart industry solutions such as improving productivity, efficiency, and decreasing energy consumption.

(2) Funding 
We are looking for investments for the startups that we represent.

(3) Scouting
We can help companies to find the best innovative solution according to their requirements.

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