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About RealiteQ



Reali Technologies Ltd ( – an Israeli breakthrough pioneer innovative company in remote control IIoT & cloud-based SCADA & Remote control solution, the developer and provider of a new generation (4th) of SCADA , “all in one” (Hardware, Telemetry, Software, UI/HMI & Service) Cloud-based solution named – RealiteQ.



RealiteQ Provide


Affordable & agnostic technology (ICT) that gathers and remotely controls real-time data, from sensors, analyzers, and controllers.

RealiteQ integrates information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) systems (IT/OT convergence) and offers significant benefits along the four operations strategy dimensions: Cost, Quality, Speed and Reliability.

The real time Information enables improved service, quick reaction time to malfunctions. RealiteQ contributes for better and safer management of both simple and complex networks. RealiteQ is a modular solution, easy to install, use and maintain and it is affordable to any utility/project from the smallest to the largest.

RealiteQ is Simple, non-destructive to install, Seamless interfacing with existing equipment & software which can turn any device, facility or network to a smart one (Water, Wastewater, rentable Energy,  Industrial use, OEM) …

RealiteQ makes the entire operation and management of devices, facilities, Networks and processes smarter, simpler, safer, more flexible and widely available and affordable.

RealiteQ contributes to better and safer management  & Operation of both simple and complex water, wastewater Gas & Oil,  BMS,  agriculture, and energy facilities and networks as well as for industrial usage.



RealiteQ Benefits:


  •  Affordable – Low CAPEX (no infrastructure is needed), low OPEX (no maintenance), and no IT capabilities are needed
  •  User-friendly – the system is easy and features fast installation and use
  •  Integrative – can be connected to almost any industrial standard existing equipment (e.g. sensors, analyzers, PLC) as well as third party software
  •  Upgrade – can be integrated with existing SCADA HMI
  •  One-stop-shop – the system features an end-to-end solution (telemetry & HMI), bi- and multi-directional capabilities, historian database, and reports and alarms
  •  Safe & secure – a real-time system which provides maximum efficiency and operational safety
  • East to install. East to use and easy to maintain.
  •    It can be installed on the client-server as well.