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Significant fouling causes a decrease in Heat Exchanger effectivity.
Physical wear and external factors cause failures in mechanical equipment. High wear can be avoided by periodic preventive maintenance; the equipment is checked and fixed within predefined periods of time. Such a policy results in increased costs due to late or unrequired maintenance. Furthermore, in addition to increased wearing, late maintenance might allow significant development of the failure which might cause increased maintenance and idle time of mechanical equipment

DiagSense implements a predictive maintenance service, which monitors the equipment by constantly reading the data from sensors installed on mechanical equipment. The service processes this data in real time and makes a decision on the presence of evolving failure in the machine.


The alert on the failure will be generated upon the decision about the failure presence; this alert can be sent to the operator and shown in any required form. Most of the failures in mechanical parts start from minute defect; the defect grows, interacts with surrounding parts and may cause a significant failure.

The DiagSense system for prognostic and diagnostics of evolving failures will alert on the smallest defects in machinery while maintaining the rate of false alarms is 85% lower compared to competitors.


These defects might be so small that it is very difficult to detect, DiagSense detects it not only by testing values of the signals acquired from sensors but also by testing the correlation between all the signals in the system.

Even a small defect might cause a significant failure, it starts from tension in material (which might result in a crack), shaft unbalances or accumulation of fouling in a heat exchanger.

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  • Completed: : 2015
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