Project Description

Design and construction of a sophisticated vegetable packaging house (potato and carrot) BRC standard - with a maximum capacity of 50 tons per hour (the highest in Israel).
The project included budget, schedules, characterization of customer requirements such as: minimum and maximum capacity (daily / seasonal and yearly), packaging types (packaging materials, sizes and weights), classification groups (premium, class A, B and C), type and level of employees and so on.

The project included the establishment of a goods receipt and storage system, washing, sorting and packaging systems, water recycling system, quality control system, computerized control with dedicated software for the various systems.

  • Storage Systems Establishment
  • Goods Recipient Booths
  • Quality assurance and control system
  • Washing Baths
  • Packaging Systems
  • Water recycling system

Packing House Design

  • Client Name : Galey Moshe Ltd
  • Budget : $3,500,000
  • Categories: : Construction
  • Area: : 20,000 m2
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